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Ok, so I’d like to make a shoutout with this gif to these beauties, which are a part of the Yogscast Complete Pack - known as the Dragon Mount Mod. And if I don’t see just one of them in any of the Yogscasts series on YCP, I’m gonna be….. well……


Dragon eggs are apparently craftable in the YCP.

*muflemumble* movie poster…*mumblemumble* needs more explosions. *mumble*…… :<

*muflemumble* movie poster…*mumblemumble* needs more explosions. *mumble*…… :<

Why are you so hella rad?

Only because nice people like you says I am….! (>v<)

May I ask what animation program you use? I wanted to look into doing animations but I don't know what program would be good to use? If you could help that would be super duper über fantastic!! :D

Haha, I’d gladly help! But it really depends on what you’re aiming for and what you are comfortable with.

If you’re like me and just want to make small gifs for practicing basic animation, Photoshop has a  function called ‘animation’ where you can make them. Any photoshop from CS4 and beyond should have that function. Then when I make the gif, depending on how fast I want the animation to run, I either use the default framerate that photoshop uses or I us Myspace Gifmaker to choose the more exact fps of my gif. If people’d like it, I can make a little video or a livestream to show how. :)

If you aim for lengthier animations, because sites has limited frames per gif and Myspace Gifmaker can only have 100 frames in total, I may not be the right one to ask as I am struggling with this myself. The videos I’ve made on Tumblr are made in Camtasia Studio, an editing software not animation. A lot of people have used Macromedia Flash Player, but its not being updated anymore and it has a few problems, like not being able to read sound files once in a while and running out of memory very quickly.

However, you could use Macromedia to make each and every individual shot of the animation and then edit all the shots together in Camtasia, following with music. Macromedia is usable, just don’t make the entire animation in it.

Thats my experience, but I know most, if not pretty much everyone, uses some sort of Flash animation software for 2D animation. So you can try looking into them, if my suggestion is too impractical or confusing. Plus, there should be trials available.

Sorry for the long answer, but I hope it helps!

Don&#8217;t mind Teep; he&#8217;s just an ordinary dinosaur, taking the bus to the Yogtower.
Meanwhile, I drove more than 100&#160;km on my bike today: Still can&#8217;t believe I managed.

Don’t mind Teep; he’s just an ordinary dinosaur, taking the bus to the Yogtower.

Meanwhile, I drove more than 100 km on my bike today: Still can’t believe I managed.

YES! The guys are back! So happy about it! X
Posting early today, since I&#8217;m gone for the rest of the day.

YES! The guys are back! So happy about it! X

Posting early today, since I’m gone for the rest of the day.

Some times the most painful thing, is just to sit down and wait.

Sorry if this one is a bit dissapointing, but I ran into some technical problems and decided just to make it a video file and added some music and thunder to the lightning.

Music by Chris Zabriskie: X

Sound by Erdie: X

Hello! Your animation prices are very cheap, if you don't mind me saying. How long does it take you to do one? Also, what are your will/won't dos?

No worries at all, ‘cause I do agree, but that is just how things are at the moment. :)

The time varries between what you ordered, of cause. Simple animation and simple movment can typically be done within 3 working days as they are mainly full still drawings with one or few parts in movment. Complex movment can take up to 4 days, possibly more depending on what you requested, plus extra time is spend with additional characters and/or backgrounds. 

Example: Additional characters to a simple animation or movment request doesn’t usually take any longer than an extra day if you’ve requested more than 2 characters in total. As for complex movment, it cantake the double amount of time per character, if they are both performing a complex movement like walking, running or swining. As for backgrounds, only detailed backgrounds takes an additional day to fulfill.

It must also be taken to consideration that I do have a lot of time to spare at the moment. I can not promise that I’ll be able too be this fast after the month of August this year.

Will & won’t do: I do pretty much anything but sexualized content, content that encourages discrimination or racism, or content that encourages drug abuse.

I have no problem drawing people in swimsuits, furries, gays, lesbians, transgenders, kissing, shippings, violence, gore, horror, politics, whatever. As long as there is no nudity or sexualised parts of the body, like upskirt-shots or extreme cleavages, or any of the two other previously mentioned topics. None of that.

I hope that answered your questions. :)

Mahito Yokota, Toru Minegishi, Yasuaki Iwata and Koji Kondo - World 8/World Bowser
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Inspired by -> CLICK

Practicing characterised walking cycles: Some worked, others ……. nooooooooooo……. X) But I did it. I’ve always wanted to make animation to music.

Bigger size: X

I also make small Gif animations!! -> Prices

All payment is via Paypal, and payment must be recieved before the work is set into progress.

If you have any questions contact Flying-pen via.:





Or E-mail: flyingpenchannel@gmail.com